Quantified Asia


Quantified Asia is committed to fulfilling the idea of the Quantified Self movement: to allow individuals to maximise their health, performance, and wellbeing through the use of data and science.

Quantified Asia provides only the best health and nutrition products to help fulfil this vision.

What is the Bulletproof state of high performance?

In a nutshell, a supercharged body and peak mental performance. Nutrition based on science, and evidence to provide the shortest route to optimal. An intelligent way of eating that is nutrient dense, low toxin, low inflammation and immune boosting. The focus is health, anti ageing, and performance. No calorie counting.

An important aspect of being Bulletproof, is the Bulletproof Coffee, made with low mycotoxin coffee, a medium chain triglyceride oil like MCT or Brain Octane and grass fed butter. High in antioxidants, not only does it taste delicious, it is actually good for you if you want:

  • Better memory recall
  • Rapid fat loss
  • Improved metabolism
  • Improved performance
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